API Analytics

You can quickly build custom dashboard for your Treblle projects in a few clicks and focus in on the data you want to see at a glance.


Treblle makes available widgets to aid in quickly customizing your dashboard. Listed below are the widgets you can add easily to customize your dashboard:

Top cities

See a list of top cities from which users access your API.

Top countries

See a list of top countries from which users access your API.

Requests per day

Get an overview of how many requests you get every day.

Requests map

View recent requests made to your API directly on a live map.

Top devices

See a list of top devices that are used to access your API.

Weekly breakdown

Breakdown of the most popular days in the week that your API was accessed.

Monthly breakdown

Breakdown of the most popular months of the year that your API was accessed

App versions

Shows the versions of applications or browsers that accessed your API

Add new widget

To add a new widget to your dashboard, scroll down and click the Add new widget button. This will open the Widget drawer from which you can one or more widgets to add to your dashboard.

After you select the widget(s) you want to add to your dashboard, click on the **Update

Reordering widgets

You can reorder widgets already on your dashboard by clicking on dragging on the reorder handle on the top right corner of the desired widget card.

Removing widgets

You can remove a widget by clicking on the x button on the top-right corner of the widget card. Doing so will remove the widget from your dashboard.