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Treblle with Spring


  • Spring Boot 2.4.X
  • Java 8+


Add the following dependency:


Getting started

Next, create a FREE account on to get an API key and Project ID. After you have those simply initialize Treblle in your project like so:

Annotate the desired configuration with @EnableTreblle

public class MyApplication {

Configure the following properties:


That’s it. Your API requests and responses are now being sent to your Treblle project. Now you get features like: auto-documentation, real-time request/response monitoring, error tracking and so much more.

Running Treblle only for certain URL patterns

By default, Trebble applies its filter on the default URL pattern (/*). If you want to run Treblle only for certain URL patterns, you can define a list of patterns by using the treblle.urlPatterns configuration property like in the example below.


Need to hide additional fields?

If you want to expand the list of fields you want to hide, you can pass field names you want to hide by using the treblle.maskingKeywords configuration property like in the example below.


Logging error bodies

The Spring default behavior is to handle errors via the /error endpoint. To allow Treblle to properly process your error response bodies you should switch to controller based exception handling, for example by using @ControllerAdvice and @ExceptionHandler ( )


If you have problems of any kind feel free to reach out via or email and we’ll do our best to help you out.

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