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Treblle with Express

To integrate Treblle with Express, we provide an official SDK for Express - treblle-express.


Terminal window
npm i @treblle/express --save

Setting up credentials

@treblle/express expects your Treblle API key and project ID to be set as environment varibles in a .env file or in your production environment.

Below are the environment variable that will be checked by @treblle/express


Setup middleware

@treblle/express expose a treblle function which returns a middlware, you can pass this function to app.use() to register it a middleware.

const treblle = require('@treblle/express')
const app = express()

Treblle will now now start monitoring requests on your Express server.

Config options

You can optionally pass a config option to the treblle function.

const treblle = require('@treblle/express')
const app = express()
apiKey: process.env.TREBLLE_API_KEY,
projectId: process.env.TREBLLE_PROJECT_ID,
additionalFieldsToMask: [],

The additionalFieldsToMask config option takes in an array of strings that matches properties in your response payload or header that you want to mask