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Treblle Dashboard

The Treblle Dashboard provides you with a unified user interface for monitoring and observing your API projects.

You have instant access to the dashboard after creating a Treblle account or visiting your dashboard if you already have an account.

In the dashboard you see a list of all your projects, get access to your API key which you will need for integrating a Treblle SDK in your codebase and so much more.

Accessing your API key

You API keys is one of two pieces needed to integrate your codebase with a Treblle SDK, the second piece is your Project ID

To locate your API key, in the Treblle Dashboard, on the top right hand of the navigation, you will find your profile avatar. Click on the avatar to get a dropdown and then click on Account Settings.

If you are logged in already in your Treblle Dashboard, you can click on this link to access your account settings

Once you are on your account settings page, you will find your API key at the top, simply click on the Copy key button to copy your API key.