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The starting point of Treblle is a project so for every API you have, you create a project.

A project can be:

  • a new API
  • service in your microservice architecture,
  • a new version of your API
  • a new environment for your API

Creating a project

To create a project, log in to Treblle and head over to your Treblle dashboard, click on the Create new project link and you will be presented with a form in the next page to fill in required details for your new project.

To create a project the following details are needed.

Name of the project

The name of your project should be memorable so you and your team can easily find it.

Base URL

The base URL of your API e.g.

Your Platform

Here you select the platform your API is built in e.g. PHP, Laravel, Node, etc.


In Treblle, you can have one of 4 environments

  • Production - Your production API is consumed by actual users.
  • Local - Your local testing API is mostly accessible over localhost
  • Staging - Your API is consumed by a set of your actual users or beta testers
  • Development - A testing API by your development team.

Treblle will only send you notifications by default when a project is in the production environment.

Team members

Optionally you can provide a comma-separated list of email addresses for your team members to be invited to your project. Invited members have access to see what’s in the project they are invited to.

Project dashboard

Once you successfully create a project, you get to see the integration instructions for your chosen platform.

Project ID

Each project in Treblle has its own unique ID so you can use them to separate data across your microservices, environments, or APIs.

You also need the project ID for integrating with a Treblle SDK in your codebase.

Your project ID will be underneath your project’s name in the dashboard.

Transfer project

If you no longer want to be the owner of a project, you can transfer the project to a team member by heading over to the settings tab in the project dashboard and clicking on the Transfer project button, and following the instructions to transfer the project.

Leave project

To leave a project, head over to the settings tab in the project dashboard and click the I want to leave button. A confirmation modal will appear for you to click on Confirm if you want to proceed.

Delete project

When you delete a project, Treblle can no longer retrieve your data.

To delete a project, head over to the settings tab on the project’s dashboard, and at the bottom of the page, click on the Delete project button and then follow the prompts to finish the delete process.


You can filter projects on your Treblle dashboard by clicking on the Filters button in your dashboard to access the Filters drawer

In the filters drawer, you filter projects by:

  • SDK - projects that use a particular Treblle SDK
  • Ownership - Either, owned by me, or owned by others
  • Environment - any, local, development, production, or staging
  • Sort by - You can also sort projects by Name, number of requests, Treblle score, recent requests, number of problems

Click on the Filter button to apply the filters you selected.

Export filtered projects

Once you’ve filtered your projects, you can export the filtered projects to CSV by clicking on the Export results to CSV button at the bottom of the filters drawer.